The governance token for the Yearn Gold ecosystem.

Allowing on chain voting through holders that will offer accountability, transparency and openness, integrity, and efficiency in the development, direction and progress. The driving force of community powered action, Challenging today, reinventing tomorrow.

YGF/USDT Liquidity pool, 🔥🔥🔥

LP token will be used to farm YGFv. Pool begins at 15% daily.

YGFv/ETH Liquidity pool, 🔥🔥🔥

LP token will be used to farm YGFv. Pool begins at 15% daily

YGF/YGFv Liquidity pool, 🔥🔥🔥

LP token will be used to farm NFTs

YGFv — 40,000 Maximum supply

2,000 Airdropped to staking participants

8,000 Available for Private Sale only to YGF Holders

2,000 Locked in liquidity pool YGFv/USDT

2,000 Locked in liquidity pool YGFv/ETH

26,000 To be farmed ‼️

Private Sale Details:

💰 1 ETH = 50 YGFv 💰

Minimum: 1 ETH

Maximum: 5 ETH

Address to Send ETH — 👉


Contract address — 💰


⭐ Only YGF holders are invited to participate in the private sale ⭐

🌟 First 100 Participants will receive NFT airdrop 🌟

🚀% of raise will be used to create major exchange listings for YGF 🚀

Private Sale Concludes 18th November 2020

We have good news for you, as a team that is committed to growing based on the community demands, we are pleased to announce to you that our staking platform is now fully Audited and deployment is ready to begin.

The development team has dedicated more time and effort in to making sure we have secure & safe staking platform.

Last minute changes such as the minimum staking amount have been implemented at the community’s request. The minimum stake amount was originally 50 YGF, The minimum YGF stake amount is now only 1 YGF. …

Staking minimum, requested change by community.

Result of community vote: Over 50% voted for NO MINIMUM.

This means that the minimum stake amount has been reduced from 50YGF, to 1 YGF.

The community requested, we listened, then implemented the change for the benefit of us all.

2 Auditing of the token contract will be taken care of this week.

3. Listings on coingecko / livecoinwatch imminent.

4. Auditing of Staking contract, the process is of major importance and as such it is crucial we take no chances, again we asked the community in a poll and the general consensus was to avoid any and all errors which could be possible.

Therefore, we are having the Audit completed prior to releasing staking and as such we will be releasing staking within the 24/36 hours.

YGF — Rewards schedule for staking has been purposefully designed to incentivise long term investment and to disincentivise short term, allowing stable asset growth to all. Specifically to appeal to the community, with a simple interface and detailed instructions to benefit each & every user, YGF staking has been designed with operability and user experience in mind.

YGF the staking rewards will be as follows;

YGF Staking Calculated on Daily % return.

Up to 28 days = 0.5% meaning the daily interest for the first 28 days is calculated at a fixed 0.5% Daily.

29 days to infinity = 1% meaning that the rewards are calculated at 1% daily.

Maximum Stake YGF = 500 YGF per wallet

Minimum Stake YGF = 1 YGF

Staking fees

1st time staking will charge 10% so when you deposit YGF, 10% will be taken and sent to the YGF Rewards pool.

Unstaking before 28days will charge 20%

Unstaking before 56 days will charge 10%

Unstaking before 84 days will charge 5%

Unstaking after 84 days is 0%

All fees will be sent directly back to the rewards pool.

What can I earn from Staking YGF, in this example we will use 100 YGF,

Stake 100 YGF, — 10% first time staking fee.

= 10YGF to Rewards pool, 90YGF to Staking pool.

90 YGF x 0.5% for 28 days = 12.6 YGF

withdraw before 28 days, — 20% of total sent to rewards pool. Meaning the total YGF returned would be 81.7 YGF, a loss of 18.3 YGF

90 YGF x 1% for total 56 days = 37.8 YGF

Withdraw before 56 days, — 10% of total sent to rewards pool. Meaning the total YGF returned would be 115 YGF, profit of 15 YGF

90 YGF x 1% for total 84 days = 63 YGF

Withdraw before 84 days, 5% of total sent to rewards pool. Meaning the total YGF returned would be 145 YGF, profit of 45 YGF

90 YGF x 1% for total 112 days = 88.2 YGF

Withdraw at 112 days, 0 % fee charged. Meaning the total returned would be 178.2 YGF

The Fully Operational & Audited Staking Platform Will Be Ready For Investors To Begin Staking Their YGF This Week.

Yearn Gold Finance

Yearn Gold Finance (YGF) is a protocol that unifies leading DeFi protocols and blockchain infrastructure by standardising communication between them to create and execute complex financial transactions while championing Privacy, Anonymity, and Sovereignty. It’s a community project where only a small portion is allocated to Dev & the YGF team members.

YGF protocol will combine some of the best features of a decentralised finance market protocol, maximise its unique features, enabling users to enjoy the promise of a decentralised finance marketplace.

Why ?

The competition and advancement in the crypto world are astounding. This has made choosing…

YGF - Yearn Gold Finance

From London UK, we aim to improve the Defi Space by bringing equality to all investors. Governance & Staking are among the benefits offered by YGF

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